Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy B’day to Nicolette

We planned little Nicolette’s 4th B’day with her New school friends. With few setbacks were able to celebrate her B’day. She was thrilled to see her friends at her party and she was so happy. I can see her little heart was filled with JOY and PURE HAPPINESS. 

I baked her cake as usual. This is her 4th B’day cake I have managed to bake with few in between to celebrate her happy days. 

It was so different and a unique experience you share when celebrating girls B’day. I do this with my little GIRL with much LOVE. 



  1. You made that cake? Oh my goodness--that's fabulous! Wow--I am so impressed! A big happy birthday to Miss Nicolette!

  2. I know I did, Thank you so much that was so thoughtful of you. It was fun, and Miss Nicolette had FUN to baking!