Monday, January 21, 2013

First Day of My School Holidays.

Yes, I was at home from work school and University. It was great to be at home with no work. I really enjoyed it very much. The WORK - School was GREAT I got gifts from parents and a very nice GIFT from all of the parents. 

This Holiday I received a letter from a parent which brought tears to my eye. I am so happy to have all these wonderful students in my class and the entire school. However, I wanted to and looking forward for this holiday because I have made so many plans to accomplish many projects. Some are FUN and some needed more planning. In between there are long naps in the afternoons and some trips to Boston to dine and to the Museum. 

However with all of that I planned a relaxing meal for us. Since the oldest had to go to School it was myself and Nicolette. We had a great time. 

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