Thursday, January 17, 2013

Jigsaw Puzzles...

Few years ago I bought a Jigsaw puzzle for my son. He was not interested at all. As he get tired to listening to me reminding him to work with much reluctancy he started to work with the puzzle few Summers ago. 

Last Summer I surprised him with 1000 pieces jigsaw puzzle. He took the challenge and  finished it. I recently found another that I have bought few years back with the very first one I guess. 

This holiday he received three puzzles one 500 pieces and two 1000 pieces. To my surprise he did finished one during school holidays and still working with one. The one he is working with works well with the current entertainment - I am talking about the movie Lincoln. 

As you can see the progress, he is working on it when ever he gets a chance. I guess the challenging part is working with the body. I might frame this as art for his room. I enjoy the quiet house in the afternoons when they are engaged with these kind of activities. He works on this on his bedroom floor. I am planning to create a small work place for him by the window hopefully this Summer. 


  1. How fun to have the Lincoln one out for President's Day. :)

  2. It was fun watching him working on this one...