Monday, February 11, 2013

Long Waited Northeaster...

According to the forecast we were hit hard with wet and wild weather. This was m second experience of a blizzard. As of Thursday afternoon we were not sure about the school cancelation. Finally when they decide to cancel the school on Friday and wait to snow fall I was relieved about the school cancellations. Both schools were out actually many schools were out.

I wanted to take few pictures before the snow fall and after the snow fall. It was a lot of snow and continued until Saturday mid afternoon. We finally decided to dig our way out to the driveway to clear the vehicles. Panduka and Niegel decided that they can handle the job without me and I was relieved from the news. That was a lot of snow for eight to nine hours. The wind was a bit out of control. I saw lightening in my town with snow fall. We almost had our power out but it came back. 

The snow was dry, fluffy, and light. It was almost two feet. The drifts around the kitchen window was almost high as the window. We are ready for more snow this Thursday!


  1. Hope you're enjoying the quiet snow days!

  2. Yes, but that give time to be crative... I had few projects done...