Monday, September 3, 2012

What happen to my little guy...

I remember it was just like yesterday that I took my son to school with me. Even though he was separated from me by cutting the umbilical chord he was always with me. Benefit of being a teacher is that he gets to go to the school that I worked. He went to school with me until he was six.

 We placed him in 1st grade in public school. I remember being a wreck! I took my vacation to watch him go to school. I flew home after work to pick him up from the aftercare. I watch him GROW everyday. 

I remember his first day at Middle School. I was a total wreck again; but I knew he was going to be fine. I wrote notes and placed them in his lunch bag saying that I love him. Made his favorite lunch, drove him to school everyday. One day he told me that he wants to ride his bicycle to school. I was in a panic mode because we lived on the west side of the town but I let him ride his bicycle to school and called the school to find that he arrived to school safely. I recalled it was like yesterday, that I drop him off at the front entrance of middle school. He gave a phenomenal speech at the student council gathering and I went to school that day with our little one and sat in the back of the auditorium and listen to him with joy and pride in my heart. 

This Fall he is a freshmen in high school. I am watching him GROW again with tears held back because I know soon he will be off to college. My advice for him was never to forget the values that we place in our selves and in others. I wish him the BEST in his high school years! 

Quote of the day “ Work is love made visible - Kahlil Gibran"