Monday, September 17, 2012

Botany 101

I believe in teachable moments. I did not know the history about it but I now know a little about it. This was a fun evening in the yard. I harvested a cereal bowl full of grape tomatoes from our experimental garden.

While I was there I notice something. My tomato leaves are being attack by a some kind of a bug and I saw it was attached to the branch and carefully removed the bug from the tomato tree and slide it into a jelly jar. 

My son who was preoccupied with his thoughts suddenly notices the bug but he continued with is story. Then he stops and yelled “Oh! my gosh, it is a bug. I acknowledge and continued listening and suggest why don’t to take the jelly jar with the bug inside and do some research and rest was history. He was online, pulling all kinds of books from the home library, and working on finding all kinds of information to educate us. 

I have a feeling we are going with this new finding a place we have not being before but I know it is going to be FUN. 

Quote of the day “take kids on a wheelbarrow ride"



  1. Love figuring out little mysteries like this!

  2. Thank you it was FUN finding all the information...