Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Getting Ready for School...

My little girl was so eager to go to school. She was happy as a clam to face the first day of school. We are ALL going to school this year. My first day of work at school and my sons first day at high school.

Little Nicolette was eager to get in the car. She has a phase-in she will not be spending a whole day in school but few hours to get the idea what is happening at her school. I truly believe in Montessori but I have changed my style in teaching my daughter not the pushy parent I use to be. 

I want the learning to be a life long process that she is going to enjoy through out her life. I believe that Montessori education can lay that strong foundation through work. I have started the same process that I did with my son many years ago. I used to take him to work where I taught of course a Montessori school after ten years I am taking on the same task with delight.