Monday, September 24, 2012

I am thankful to my Garden...

Our experiment garden has provided so much to us with little sun it had. I am so thankful for what it provided us this summer. The bounty of salad leaves, green chillies, endless tomatoes I enjoy during my lunch, beets, basil and other herbs; I am truly thankful. 

I remember how excited I was with Nicolette to plant the seeds in the little pots inside and get them outside during the month of May. We followed the planting calendar from our neighbor in order to decide what is the best time to plant. 

The tomatoes are amazing and keep producing under the shady patch. I will take this to another level next year I promise. I have been cutting them and topping them off on my cottage cheese for lunch with some crack pepper super easy snack to enjoy. 

Quote of the day “ love each day equally"



  1. How nice that you're still getting tomatoes! I think we may have a few out on the vine, but all green and not likely to ripen before we get a frost.

  2. I think this is the end of the bounty I am getting ready for FALL...