Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Knockout Roses...

I do love my rose garden. It is in its early stage proper way to say is that the plants are still very young. I notice that my plants really took off during spring and then produce flowers and did nothing noticeably. 

I am sure they were growing new roots and working hard on sending shoots out. However, I did not notice anything significant given the weather this summer. 

After the commute I enjoy walking in my yard sometimes this could be a stress reliever depending how you admire your garden and your style. I guess I have evolved to be more naturalistic gardener. 

I notice some of my rose bushes are in the height of producing flowers all of a sudden. After the short stroll in the yard I decided to get my camera to capture the changers around the garden that I have missed. 

I do like getting back to routines and creating time to do the things I loved the most. Getting rest peeking back into my comfort zones. I would love to hear how you manage your busy schedule for things you love. At the end I am going to re schedule myself to take care of these wonderful knockout roses for the long winter. 

Quote of the day “Love your roses"



  1. I love knockout roses. I planted a hedge of them in our backyard this spring, and I really hope they last through the winter. (I have a lot of faith that they will--they're incredibly hardy!)

  2. i might have to move mine I am reluctant to do so... Does your bloom during Fall. I felt like mine likes the cooler weather...