Friday, August 24, 2012

Flowers from yard...

I love fresh flowers in our home. It adds a whole new dimension to a living area. This summer i have been cutting flowers from the yard to bring them inside. Day lilies are so pretty inside but the sad part is it will not last for a long time. 

Last summer I was given few Hostas’ by a friend, and they are the best they have a beautiful feminine fragrance to them. 

I decided to cut few Hosta flowers, Hydrangeas, and Day- lilies. They were so cute. Do you cut flowers to bring inside or admire them in outside. 

Quote of the day “be in love with the world” 



  1. I'd never thought of cutting hosta flowers before. Ours burned up pretty quickly this year, but when the weather isn't quite so hot we have a lot of them. A nice idea for next summer!

  2. I love the element it adds to the other flowers and the scent is just lovely!