Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Morning Glories...

I have an eye for unusual stuff. I just look at them in a different way. Last spring I bought seeds for this morning glory plant from the local nursery. 

Not only me; my lovely neighbor as well and for our surprise it did not took off during the growing season. They were kind of pricy and we were disappointed as well. I decide to nurse them any ways despite the fact of poor performance. I wonder from where that instinct come from. 

Remember the climbing pole we built for the wines and thinking this will take off. However, at the end I decided to grow the beautiful clematis next to the pole. 

After the labor of love I plant them in my back yard and did not bother to do anything for the front yard morning glories. Then one day I walked outside to dump the compost bowl and I notice this and was thrilled to bring my camera to capture the moments. 

This particular morning glory has a very light color to the plant I would say a lovely lighter green. I was simply elated to discover this. I know morning glory is not a  perennial but I enjoyed this late bloomer very much.

Quote of the day “look at a problem as a test"



  1. Where I live, Morning Glories aren't perennials, but they make enough seeds to re-sow themselves for next year. If you watch carefully (they're little tiny black pods) you may not have to buy your seeds next year!

  2. Thank you for sharing that knowledge... I have no hope with this plant but I might look into it.