Thursday, June 21, 2012

Strawberry & Rhubarb Pie...

My neighbor has this wonderful rhubarb patch which is divine. I would love to grow some in my yard as well. I hope i have some luck with the little shoot she gave me this Spring. 
I would love to draw this beautiful plant may be after my drawing class I might give it a try. I personally think rhubarb is a aesthetically pleasing plant with a character. The stalks are beautiful with deep red and hint of green. The leaves are have beautiful veins. my neighbor shared a story when she was growing up she would use the rhubarb leaves to cover their heads from spring showers. I can totally picture that growing up in tropical climate. 

I wanted to incorporate this seasonal abundance into our meals. I started it off with my talent for baking. After browsing the web, the blogs, and cooking programs settled down with this lovely recipe from Emaril's. I wish I took some pictures of the rhubarb patch but I don’t have any. 

I did not had rolled oats but I did had some wonderful original Irish porridge from Ireland. I used it and did not felt a difference but I do have to admit the crust was a delight. 
It was so good with ice cream. I am so proud that I was able to use my strawberries in a really productive way before it all goes bad. I have few more recipes I need to get my hands on. 
I want to say this strawberry rhubarb pie is going to be a spring time favorite in our household! 
Quote of the day “spend 20 to 30 minutes preparing food"

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