Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Raise Beds, Tomatoes, and other Edibles...

I did some experiments with root vegetables this spring. I planted carrots and beets. I was so eager to get my hands dirty this spring and could not wait to get out and work in the yard after the mild winter we had. Sounds funny for us who are North Easterners. 

This is how it all started last Fall. Finally my beets are growing along side to the carrots and green lettuce. However we have cottontails who likes to munch on sweet carrot leaves. I do have to admit it really smells like carrot. 

I know some of my eggplant and other got attacked by leaves that are falling from the old tree we have in our yard. I love the shade but seriously we need sun to grow our vegetable garden. 

I cannot wait to harvest the basil and tomatoes this summer and I really hope I can. I guess I am been very demanding from my garden or perhaps I need to grow with my garden. I like the second choice...
Quote of the day “accumulate wisdom with age"

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  1. I just harvested a bunch of herbs this morning. The smell of the sage and oregano was amazing. (Your picture brought it all back to me!)