Monday, June 18, 2012

How to establish a perennial garden on a budget...

This year I am establishing the west side of the garden. Continuations of purple and yellow with some white. We had some day lilies that have not bloom for ages. We also planted a fruit tree this year. Excuse the messiness in this area but we are working on this. I decided to move day lilies around and add some more perennials like 
4 Lamb’s Ear
4 Lupine
1 French Lavender
1 English Lavender
2 White Foxgloves
1 Salvia 
Herbs For a Container Garden mixture of mints

For all these I spend less than $43.00 not too bad considering herbs for the container garden as well. 
This herb garden is going to serve some cool drinks during this summer I will post as the plants mature. I love the variegated mint. It is so pretty see the off white and green blends together. 

This is part of the west side garden I have established last year this was test gardening as well. I planted them in dirt bags they seems to be happy. I love to see pansy’s in my yard any given day. This was a very in-expensive way add some color to your yard or to a tree trunk. I love my maple trees. I felt like I highlighted them. 

What do you plant in summer... 
Quote of the day “preserve nature”

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  1. Herb season is right! Herbs and veggies, all day, all year. God bless, and happy gardening!

    -Tony Salmeron