Tuesday, June 19, 2012

De- clutter, Order, and Role-modeling...

Since we have downsized our living space. I have a difficult time creating master bedroom/study room in our cozy little house. I do not know how I have a huge mess on my chest of drawers. I am totally responsible for  this since I have created it. 

It holds everything and anything you can possibly name that can go on a chest of drawers. Sometimes it disturbs me when I have to study. I guess I need an order in my environment to study. I kept postponing to clear out this space saying I am going to get to it tomorrow. Then some days I feel like that tomorrow never comes. 

I will be going to work this Fall while in school I need order and I need my room to be a functional space in every possible way. I have acquired so much stuff that I hardly use.
I took control and went through every little thing and cleaned the entire place. When I was done I was so happy that I have created and orderly space in my room. 

I tends to spend so much time creating order for kids and it was my turn. I felt If I did not create that space they are not going to internalize order into their life. It was in a way kind of role modeling. I am  very happy with the space that I have created for myself. 
Quote of the day “light a dark corner"

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  1. Don't we all have those places that accumulate stuff! For me it's my shelves and the table by the door. Thanks for showing the before and after pics. I love those kinds of photos - seeing the order brought to chaos.