Friday, June 8, 2012

Dipped or Painted...

I wanted try out the modern dipped look or otherwise painted in two colors. I turned to Nicolette's room for inspiration. We had this basket from one of her showers. I used to put toys in it, clothing, and finally I used it to put books after reading. However this has gone through many jobs but still a survivor in our household.

I am currently using it store what ever on her bed goes to this basket at the end of the until we find the right place. We love cleaning up her room with this new two tone basket. It works well with all the furniture in her room and its finally coming together.

I really had fun creating this space for and little Nicolette loves to hang in her room by herself in the afternoons. Few more touch - ups and I am done for a while.

Quote of the day "Enhance your environment"