Sunday, June 10, 2012

Roses are in bloom

My roses are in bloom finally. I did had a bug issue at the beginning of the growing season thanks to my neighbor she offered me an organic solution. I spared it and it is all gone the new growth looks healthy. 

This is lovely I love the rose garden that I have established last year. This is a very young garden and still growingI have planted couple of knockout roses and some regular roses as well. I cannot wait these plants to mature. I got these once again for a very low price at the end of the season last year. I have not shopped for plants much this year. I still have few in mind that I am looking.

Look at this one, this beauty is hiding among the leaves. I love this shade of pink not too bright and not too light I wish I can remember the correct name of the shade. I will be bringing theme inside once they started to bloom more.


I still see the bug attack this plant went through. This is indeed a beautiful shade of pink. I cannot wait to see these in full bloom. I am considering to add a rose vine. That will add much drama to this corner of the yard. I am thinking. I am leaning towards a lattice  to be installed in a section of the yard so I can train the vine to go on it. 

Quote of the day " read how to books"



  1. I can almost smell them! What kind of bugs did you have? My s-i-l is battling aphids like crazy this year, so if that's what you got rid of, I'd love to hear your solution!

  2. I want to say they are aphids but I cannot identify them. So my dear neighbor offered me Organic BioNeem I want to say maker is Safer. It did work for me.