Monday, June 25, 2012

Garden Rituals...

Every year I do grow something out of ordinary and sometime I have success and some years it is a total failure. Then I have my ritual planting combinations like impatience I do new colors contrasting combinations. 

This year I catch sight of a sublime shade of pink impatience. It was the building block for my container gardens. My huge plastic pots are getting old and I think every year this is the last year I am going to use them and then once again come spring I say to myself I can get one more year out of these. 

Let’s see what’s going to happen next year. The wonderful fact is the impatiences blooms and you hardly notice the sunburnt plastic terra cotta colored container. The beauty takes over that’s the hidden power of container gardening.

I will do another post in mid July and beginning of September to see progress of my container gardening rituals...

Quote of the day “spend more time in nature"

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