Thursday, June 30, 2011

Morning Light and Tea with Honey…

I love using morning light or I may say I love using natural light in photography. If someone looked at my camera I have flash turn off 80% of the time. I love how natural light add depth to objects that I photograph. I feel like it has own clarity to pictures with a beautiful glow. I love using the natural light a lot as you can see.

I wanted to take some pictures of my morning tea. Because I am a tea person and I love my tea with honey. I use to add sugar but after researching I now take honey with my tea. I will not go back for sugar. I love honey because of all the natural elements in it. I also read if you consume the honey from your local area you are immune to the local plants because the honey bees gather honey from that area and helps boost your immune system towards allergies. So it is a must, I use honey from our local producers.

I know it is a good cause. However the price of honey has gone up due to the gasoline. Now that you know some facts about honey and I am using natural light for photography it’s time you and I enjoy a cup of tea.

Quote of the day “share a sunrise with someone”


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  1. Thank you for sharing your sunrise with me! I just have some black tea with honey upon your recommendation :)