Monday, June 13, 2011

Owning and Raising Rhododendron with mixed feelings…

When my girlfriend first told me about Rhododendron I was happy because I knew I had this in our little garden. But I wanted to identify the plant and learn about it. I have been working on many projects so I really didn’t have the time to work on this particular mission. Anyway long story short we do have and own them in our new old house garden. This plant has anchored in this land with deep roots I believed it has been there for a long time. I love it very… very… much but I was overwhelmed working two days in a row trying to clean up the entry way… I told my husband to chop it off the whole thing… I know what I was thinking. Well, bees humming so close to my ear, little Nicolette running around the garden, being tired of trimming the other trees, raking dead leaves, tired, and thirsty I think I had it. They all hit me once.
On the other hand Panduka (hubby) taking the opportunity to chop off the tree kept pressing me that he was right that tree need to be removed. After reading so much about the beautiful Rhododendron and having a rest I am revisiting my thoughts of getting rid of the tree could be a good pruning is all it needed was able to calm my nerves next morning.

Finally, yes I have fall in love with the Rhododendron once again… I hope we will continue this love over the years to come. I love the pink that adds a little color to my already picked color scheme garden plan.
Yes, I bought pink and white impatience’s from the Hansen Farm the other day after school. Currently they are spreading their compact roots in the fresh dirt next to Rhododendron on the steps in containers while cherishing the shade they get from the adjacent Rhododendron and the other older tree in our garden (you will get to know this one really soon).

Now that it is said and done we decided to keep the two and continue to prune and clean the underbrush so it gives a clean look. We will be spending a lot of time this summer cleaning our garden including weeding. I am planting bulbs this fall. Nicolette and I picked up a bulb planter yesterday.

Quote of the day “allow feelings to come and go”


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