Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cleaning the Street helps to keep down the dirt coming into our living room…

We are in our new old house. Yes, we have planned a project every weekend with Panduka’s cricket matches, Niegel’s camping, Nicolette’s toilet training, and my papers to be due we are surviving. Cold cuts sandwiches, salad, plenty of water and one healthy meal keeps us moving. I love every aspect of this. It is challenging and inspiring at the same time. Everyone is working and contributing something towards a selected goal.

At the end of the day we are thankful for what we have and achieved. I have been tackling the bushes with some help from Panduka; he has a bigger task to finish the bathroom and getting it ready for winter and the current day standards.

My next goal is to trim the next evergreen bush on the other side of the house and clean the road along the sidewalk. There are weeds growing in between the concrete that is fun to watch but needs to come out. We have some dandelions that need to come out as well. All these seem to be small task however it needs a lot of work and time.

What are you doing this summer… I would love to hear…
Quote of the day “look for beauty in unexpected places”


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