Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Evergreen bushes are gone…

I did cut down evergreen bushes around the front and the left side of the front of the house. It feels lighter, airy, and cleaner. But the big job is not done yet which is taking the root balls out. I have a feeling it is going to be a challenge but fun. I have to make it fun in order to enjoy working in the garden. I am planning to work with plants that I have not worked before like hydrangeas, day lilies, ornamental grass, and some plants that I know well li

ke hosta, Russian sage, lambs ear, lavender, to name few. In order to condition the existing dirt is going to be a project.

Quote of the day “walk to park, listen to birds and smell the grass”


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  1. I love that quote. I have to remind myself sometimes simply to walk SLOWLY. Even when I have nothing on my to do list (nothing important anyway), I still rush around. It's crazy.

    And the photos of that cucumber salad made my mouth water!