Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Understanding Maple Trees…

I am a proud owner of two very old maple trees. There are absolutely beautiful in spring to watch. I am fascinated with these old trees in our property. This gives us ample shade during summer months and keeps our house really cool. I have had older trees in our first house in VA however they are not at this old. These guys are more than century old.

What I found very neat about these two trees are they have been taped for maple syrup. This led me to learn about the whole process. I know some of you might think she is out of her mind to make maple syrup. Well I might take on that challenge ha… ha I am just kidding. I want to know the details just for educational purposes. So I found this great site how they did tap maple syrup long time ago but this concept have not change much it is almost the same may be with some new tweaks.

I now know you drill about two inches into the trunk using a crank drill bit and then insert a plastic spot for drain and hang a bucket may be with a lid to the bucket so nothing get in the way to the sap.

I guess back then they didn’t have plastic taps they used metal tubes. In one of our trees we see two taps. Once in a while you see some sap coming out it is not clear but has a brownish tan to it. I do enjoy these little findings in our yard and in our new old house stay tune to more findings. I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

Quote of the day “enjoy nature with children”


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