Thursday, July 3, 2014


I have not been writing as much as I want to in my blog, mainly due to the activities and personal issues. Besides all that we are now beginning to enjoy the season with much fun loving activities. Our backyard chickens really keeps us busy and we love the company it brings to our yard. Nicolette has been extremely busy taking care of the chickens including feeding and petting. I have to admit that they are always been handle by children, well I guess chickens get use to it. 

I enjoy being outside more than being inside, our garden is still in its infant stage, but it does brings a lot of fun to us. There is always something blooming in our garden.

We did add an extra raised bed and filled it with tomatoes. and they are doing great. I am loving it. We love our fresh salads. Unfortunately our arugula went to seed. I have to learn ways to incorporate that into our meals more frequently. Well they soon going to come out from our garden. 

Many of our plans did got changed to sudden shifts of gear in our lives, but I believe that all happen to a greater reason, and I dearly hope I am right. We have been enjoying late summer dinners and hanging out in our yard.  

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