Sunday, June 1, 2014

Teachers become backyard chicken keepers or was it a planned project.

I was fascinated with the idea of having backyard chickens. Whenever I read a blogpost on chickens I am tickled with the idea of having them in our yard. This spring I was weaving this idea into the curriculum of studying about life cycles, and animals. I was thrilled to have my aid to be onboard with the project, but she was an experienced chicken hatcher! Hmm… I don't know if that is the correct term. 

Yes, we did it children were amazed, we learned about temperature, humidity, observing, recoding, and reading. But the most wonderful part of the project was hatching and watching them developing their personalities. I learned a lot, they begin to peep while they are still in the shell on the 21st day and it was mind boggling. Oh the children loved this project so much and some of them were excited to come and see what is happening everyday. 

I am thrilled to watch them grow, they are a week old and chirping every morning. We are reading a lot about coops, and made new friends with other coop owners in town! 

Little Nicolette has become an expert in handling chickens. She helps me a lot during cleanup. I cannot wait to introduce the ladies to our garden!