Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dear Chickens

Our young chickens get handle a lot by my little Nicolette, she adores them as she name them with her friends name. Over time she has change few names, I guess she has observed them and name them according to their character. Which makes me laugh when I listen to her rattles. She some times treat them as her friends. 

Very recently I was on the hammock outside dosing off, and It was a beautiful day. I could hear little Nicolette being so upset and telling one of the chickens “This is your home why can’t you go to your home, please let me help you to get to your home”

I woke up, sure enough one chicken is roaming in the garden enjoying the chase and Nicolette was crying. She was asks not to take them out and if she does she is responsible to get them back in their coop. 

I did helped her te get the young chiken back inside the coop and wiped her tears. She was happy, the lesson here is she understood that it is better to take them out if some is watching her. Mainly we do not have a fence around our yard. These chickens bring so much fun to our yard we love them dearly. 

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