Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Rose Beds

I have been neglecting this area in our garden mainly because I have being busy. As you can see some of these bushes could use a trim. Crab grass and weeds have been ruling our roses since spring. 

I keep postponing the work schedule mainly I cant get to focus on weeding this year. The roses keep blooming in this poor condition and inviting me to get a handle of this area. I will soon one of this day. 

Perhaps that will be a good excuse for me to buy few more bushes to add to this area. 


  1. They're beautiful! Do they have a fragrance? I love our "knock-out" roses because they're easy to care for, but it always makes me sad that they don't really smell.

  2. I agree, but there is a very light fragrance presence in the air around this corner...