Friday, July 11, 2014

Backyard fun

Nicolette has been asking me to have a picnic with her friends. I finally did, It was so much fun for her but it was a great experience for us to have more picnics in our backyard during summer. 
We had our sprinkler on, blankets laid out, we used cloth napkins, fresh garden flowers, sandwiches, fruits, chips, popsicles, and tie-dying shirts. It was a blast we might do more of this during this summer. 

Chickens were bit frazzled with all the excitement in our yard, they did not mind the occasional feed of watermelon rinds from their friends. 

Tie-dying is super easy, we can’t wait to see our end product, unfortunately it does take some time to absorb the dye to the fullest. We decided to wear them on the same day so we can take few pictures! Nicolette went to bed early, and was super excited and gave me a super tight hug and thanked me! It was a great day for her!

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