Friday, March 8, 2013

Sri Lankan Food, Work, and Dinner...

I have to admit going back to work with a four year old and a fourteen year old could be challenging. There are days I am overwhelmed and tired. However, I do manage to do some cooking at least once a week. Most of the meals are Sri Lankan food such as curries. When I take on this task my little kitchen can look like this. 

I do find this way of cooking could be very helpful for us to survive the crazy schedules we have. All meals go into containers and we serve them over warm rice. Sometimes it is much easier to serve the curries from the containers to the plate slide it into the microwave for few minutes and serve the warm rice over it. 

This way we could have dinner at home instead eating out. I save most of my time to get my projects and fill mailing orders!

Some of the vegetables we consume are beets, potatoes, cauliflower, and many more like to keep my options open so I can introduce new food to the table!


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