Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Making Nicolette’s Clothes...

I remember growing up my mother loved making clothes for me and when I got older she had a dressmaker who would come to the house and make dressers. It was a fun experience. Now, I take part in sewing and making little things for Nicolette. I do know this is a gene that I share with my mother and she was a very talented person. 

This a basic skirt I made for Nicolette she was happy to wear it to school. I am planning to sew more hopefully I can get few projects done before the school year ends. I bought the fabric as it is. I did not sew the ruffles all I did was add a lining and an elastic. This is my baby step towards making her clothes. I have knitted a dress for her. Hopefully I can sew a dress for one day!



  1. Lovely--I'll bet she loves to twirl in it!

  2. She loved it and I had fun making it. Looking forward for this summer to make some more...