Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Being aware...

One of my goals in life is to become a vegetarian. But, I have to start some where and I had the perfect opportunity to do so. I was away from my family with a coworker on a conference. My coworker being a vegetarian become a huge influence. I have not being eating meat for past week. I have been dutifully preparing them for my family though. 

This has open up so many options for me. I am not a compete vegetarian yet but I am doing my best to get there. The most difficult part will be giving up eating fish because I grew up loving it! 

This is my breakfast! not too bad this is a combination of grains such as quinoa and millet. Greens  - Kale, chick peas, soft tofu, sautéed onions and hint of thai red curry powder and smoke paprika. I relished the earthly taste with a slice of toasted whole wheat bread. 


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