Friday, January 27, 2012

Back to School

 This semester I am taking two classes and very excited about them. Now that I am back in school the schedule changers a little bit. More planning on preparing food gives free time for playing with kids and studying and to the stuff in between. I came across this recipe on how to make bread.  
I love making bread at home because it add so much fun to home made meals and little Nicolette takes pride in baking and cooking meals. I personally enjoys the crusty bread with warm soups and curries. When growing up in Sri Lanka we use to eat bread for dinner and breakfast a lot. Most of the times we will eat bread with leftover curries. We love eating bread with fish or meat curry.
This is a very simple recipe I got from here 
Only thing that I do not like in this is I feel like the bread is not kind of airy but the outside texture is absolutely phenomenal. When it comes to bread I am all about texture. 
Do you make your own bread if so do you have a favorite recipe that you like to share. 
I would love to hear. 
Quote of the day “ do one thing at a time”


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