Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Winter Break...

We all went on a much needed nature walk. Being inside the house for a long time was making us crabby and we decided to hit the trails in a near by park and did some long walks for our legs. 
Nicolette did surprised me with her ability to walk for a longer period of time without being asked to carry. We did around the pond walk and had so much fun. Niegel still likes to run around the woods. I love watching his inner little boy coming out we go for a walk. He kept telling us that he is checking the path but running two miles ahead into the woods was exactly he checked the path. 
I let him and saw some snow as well. The moss is still green, part of the pond was frozen, it was windy, sunny and cold. 
Air was crisp but cold. I enjoy every bit of it. Oh! the sky was so beautiful. The moss that grows on the rocks and dead branches were breathtaking. I know we have not had a good freeze yet so the earth looks like it is sleep but light still waiting to go into the deep sleep. 
I love to come here during spring to see everything come to live the garden looks gorgeous during spring. 
Quote of the day “note how a cloud passing in front of the sun can refresh your mood”


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