Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring has sprung…

In my little balcony here in Mansfield Spring is taking shape. It is beautiful to watch how nature takes its own course in fulfilling its duties. Even though we have not got much rain during this spring little leaves are taking it shape. The bulbs I planted with my daughter last fall are finally sprouting. I was wondering because this was my first time planting bulbs in a container I am thrilled with the results.

But to my surprise the chives that we planted in our hanging basket seems to be sprouting very happily so for sure I know those are perennials. I didn’t see any blossoms last summer may be this summer I will be lucky to see some blossoms I will keep things posted.

I enjoy every bit of spring and summer so I can get my hands dirty. I am looking forward to do more this summer and fall with my kids. One of my professors from school voice out having so many interests could be a bad habit… I don’t know about this but I do appreciate nature so much… balancing my interest could be a challenge at times… but I am happy to weigh life, interest, family, friends, school and everything in between. Because you live this life only once…

Quote of the day “discover your work, and then give yourself to it with all your heart”


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