Thursday, April 21, 2011


It started as a quiet thought, then it grew into a quiet word, and it grew stronger and stronger into wonderful movement. I was happy to take part in this movement and made me feel so good to help some little children who is struggling in Japan to put a smile on their faces and let them know that they are not alone. When I explain this to my son he was so ready to help. When I asked for a shirt that has been gently used for donation he was eager to go through all his clothes and get me a gently used sweater since the weather is cold and winter begins in Japan. Not only that he offered to pay part of shipping and handling. He came up with all these wonderful ideas to help and explained to me about the Google translator to write a letter to children and people in Japan. I was overwhelmed with his suggestions and very happy to hear all his feelings about people and children in Japan.

Despite that he also mention since he is a troop leader at the boys scout program in the town he would try to get the word out to his troop to help out people in Japan. Yes, I knew then he has a GREAT BIG KIND HEART to help…

I went through my daughters clothes and was able get a winter jacket, her snow boots, hat,scarf, and few more iteams... We add wipes and candy.

I happy to take part in this and I have been spreading the word with friends and family…

Quote of the Day “send aid to victims of an international disaster”


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  1. Thanks so much, friend. The children in Ishinomaki will LOVE your box.