Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How is your garden taking shape this spring?

I know having so many interest could be a big issue. I still enjoy waking up to birds, sun on my face, over night grown leaves, buds, and the over flowing streams. I have been visiting to the local garden shop and was amazed with all the décor on sale. Some of my favorite items that I found in my local garden shop were very appealing to the eye.

This is my first time to this particular garden shop and I LOVE it very much. Last summer when we were in England I was able to visit some of the nursery in Scotland and liked it very much. I remember growing up in a tropical climate I enjoyed the annual garden exhibitions and the craft fares I attained.

I am imaging a New England Cottage type garden… it is still in the seed formation might take some time for me to really plant it. But I know what I want that’s a good start and I like to have white hydrangeas bushes, white lilacs, tulips, hosta, daffodils, impatience and many more…so far the color scheme is deep and variegated green with white.

I know eventually I do like to add some pink and blues… but I am not sure I want to do more research into this type of gardening…

Quote of the day “Keep your lawn neat and litter free”



  1. You have quite an eye! I love the boots!

    I too have such gardening aspirations. Unfortunately the deer think of my garden as their salad bar. Anything I plant gets eaten - even the deer resistant stuff. :-(

  2. Oh, I love this! These are great pictures Sharm! The colors are awesome, I love those boots. I really like that new flower at the top of your blog too!


  3. Hi Thanks, I wanted to feel Spring so bad...

  4. Springlike greetings from Helsinki, Finland!
    Thanks for your visit :)