Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Portland Museum of Art...

This past weekend we had the opportunity to go to Maine. My first time to Mane. A beautiful city I guess in summer still the winter chills are wicked. However this weekend was not that cold. I wish my older son was with us he was in ski trip to NH while we were visiting Maine.

We had a great dinner at Dimillo's Floating Restaurant. According to locals one of the best and to my friend (thanks Kathy for recommending it). I had baked stuffed lobster and a steam lobster didn't finish it it was the twin deal but the food was GREAT and the service too! We enjoyed it very much so did the little one.

Next day morning we decided to got to the Portland Museum of Arts for many reasons... I am working really hard on my 3D Art class and wanted to expose my self more to art. It was a great opportunity for my little one to participate. This was all new to little Nicolette but she did a great job. I think she did enjoy the sculpture room a lot and it was truly amazing...

They had the Greek Gods sculpted in marble and it was breath taking. I cannot imagine the work that goes to it. Recently I have been reading more about art and getting my self familiarized with so many concepts.

If you ever to visit Portland Maine I would highly recommend you to visit the Museum of Art. if you have the time... The Children's Museum is right next to it. I couldn't take Nicolette to it I was exhausted by the time finish viewing all three floors. Loved the paintings and the photographs.

There was so much history in to the building. This museum was originally a house that they have tun to a museum I thought was very interesting itself. I have posted some pictures for you to view and in some areas you cannot use the camera to take pictures and flash cannot be use when taking pictures.

I would be definitely re-visiting Portland, Maine soon may be this summer for sure...

Keep visiting those who are out in the west coast. More museum pictures to come soon since the vacations are around the corner. Why not capture Boston... a great city to live. I can't wait for this summer, to take kids to Boston my son is all gang up to hit the Museums with projects... I am planning to take summer classes... I know isn't it too much... yes... but the key to this is balance... which is always a leaning experience...

Quote of the day "look for containment from within"



  1. HI! Stopping by from SITS. I love the photos on your site. They're beautiful.

  2. so cool. i'd love to be able to visit more museums in the DC area. maybe when kids are older!

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