Monday, February 28, 2011

Changing Waters

This was one of the interesting, and complicated, exhibitions on display. The artist Nathalie Miebach has done a great job in incorporating so many aspects into her pieces such as marine life, weather pattern. Additionally the artist uses complicated basket weaving methods such as twined, coiled, woven and plaited. Show the intricate and complicated data in her work. It was fascinating to watch how the artist uses art as medium or language to think some ideas or concepts through.

At one point when I was looking through this piece all I wanted to do was is to know the numbers on these pieces and its relations. It almost look like the storm starts from the bottom and spiral its’ way up and can observe the collateral damage it does to the marine life.

In her own words Nathalie Miebach says that the basket weaving is a very slow process and it allows her t think trough some of the concepts and finds answers to the questions that come to her head. I personally agree with this since I am knitter I can think through some of the problems and work my way through complicated patterns. Not only that according to experts in neurological studies there have been tests conducted that repeating the same activity allows you to produce more endorphins. According to Nathalie it looks like she has found the perfect harmony in this medium to show the intricate detailing in the marine life in ME.

I was fascinated with all the details in her work, how she choose to displaying her work was amazing. According to the artist with a proper key you can read the data in her work like as a chart or graph. According to the artist the shape and the composition of the work is determined by the trends and the changers in the interpreted environmental information. This is more like an abstract visual interpretation or representation of the landscape. I thought it was interesting how the artist was trying to understand her astronomy class through the 3d work. It shows that she has a great interest in all of this work and how she was able to find UNITY in these two subjects together and yet to show art through her work. With a political science degree she later finds and incorporate ART I her work to convey her message was phenomenal work of art.
I choose the above creation because it reminds me of the tsunami which occurred in Sri Lanka.

At the bottom of the piece it shows a tail end of the fish and on the top it shows the head of the fish. It makes me think the velocity of the storm and its impact on the marine life. I thought this was very interesting and how the artist has maneuver the materials and her weaving abilities to illustrate this information in to 3d formation was very intricate. Not only that the lighting plays around this piece adds some depth to this work as well. Artist has done a wonderful and job in creating this in to a piece finding and giving the piece completeness was great and I personally think she has accomplish the goal of giving completeness to her work of art. As of the materials she has incorporated into these works are amazing from paper, plastic, wooden and the list goes on.

Quote of the day " walk softly,live gently"


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