Friday, February 4, 2011

Carry on Mat for your little one…

This project was in my head for a long time. I bought the fabric thread but didn’t work on since I was loaded with work. I have notice the busier I get more productive I could be with planning and accomplishing my goals. We are heavily hit by snow this year. I doubt there will be school tomorrow due to the second snowstorm we are getting on Wednesday. That’s mean no school for me too. More studying, mental breaks to finish projects from summer… see the win win situation.

This is a upholstery fabric with a thicker solid lining ½ yard from each cut into two rectangles. Place the right sides together and sew all around leaving a 5 inch opening to turn inside out. Then press the seams pick a decorative stitch and go around the rectangle. You are officially done making your mat simple easy and fast project for a snow day.

Sit back let your little one enjoy it. I place this in a diaper bag. When you are travelling this comes very handy waiting in line, at the bank, yarn shop, and even in the fabric store. Layout and the little one can play for a while may be pack some toys to go with the mat it could be simple as flash cards to play a game. Specially waiting for layovers, flight delays anything under the sun or how about getting ready for a spring break!

This could be a simple gift to a new mother to have one on one time with the newborn…

Quote of the “accomplish what you undertake”



  1. PS I am not sure what you mean in your last comment about a button and technical difficulties? Can you email me at

  2. What a beautiful thing to make Sharm. I just love it. Gorgeous pattern on the material. And your stitch work is just beautiful. Love!

  3. I've found also that the busier I am the more I get done! Totally exasperating! I miss needing little blanket/mats like that to carry around! I love yours:)

  4. Thank you... It is a big help when you are meeting can lay it out and kid will be next to you busy.... still can get your work done...

  5. Mine doesn't sit on mats anymore, she runs around and makes getting any work done quite difficult. I love her anyway!

    Popping in from SITS.