Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Forcing Bulbs

 I had wonderful opportunity to teach my daughter about bulbs. I went to the library and lend books went to the store and got some bulbs however the first attempt was not very successful. So I cleaned everything and put them away. When I was at the grocery store I found another bulb forcing kit which was markdown with some doubts I did purchased this. After couple of days I work on this project with her I did talk to her about bulbs.

On this project however the bulbs have sprouted a little bit you can see the green tip obviously the reason for making it down. We planted them and continued to water and it was not doing much and it started to grow after couple of weeks. It was fun to watch this she had a great time and my son too.

Finally it bloom only one bulb. All the other bulbs are still hiding their buds inside but this particular bulb was adamant to grow first it was really interesting to watch this. This could be due to many reasons.

Probably the timing of the bulbs are harvest, possibility of getting sun on the window sill but I do enjoy this early bloomer and anxious to watch rest… It does add a strong aroma to the room which is lovely.

Quote of the day “compassion is based on knowing that all human beings have the same innate desire to be happy”


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