Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Play Dough and Organizing...

I had the opportunity to help Nicolette to organized her play dough activity. Yes, It was a lot of fun we are working on opening and closing without help. She still needs a little help but loves to play with play dough.
I have collected a bunch from B'day parties so I had tiny tubs with different colors and I received a small heart shape cookie cutter from a wedding party. we do play with play dough for hours so I decided to make a little bag out of cloth so when she is done with playing she can put those away all by herself nurturing independence. Actually she does a great job on this activity with some help.
She can roll them out and cut the shapes out I love to watch her play on this. So I decided to add a mat for this activity which involves rolling using her hands and making sure to to roll properly. the best part is she is engage with this for a long period of time. she takes the activity out lays it out unroll the mat and take objects out of the bag which involves following a sequence and that's exactly what I wanted to learn. I love our play dough activity.

Quote of the day "share your professional know-how"



  1. I love the toile bag - I am a sucker for toiles (and polka dots)! It's a shame boys can't pack their stuff away in little bags of toile!

  2. I love both play dough AND organizing, so of course I had to stop by!

  3. We tried play dough once, but the Babby had NO idea what to do with it. She'd eat it, it tasted bad, she'd cry, then take another bite (it was the homemade kind so I didn't stop her).