Monday, February 14, 2011

Healthy Choices…

Recently I came across a blog that drove me to motivate to take on task that has no instant gratification. I have been on this road many times but I would get tired, give up, bored or I cannot reason things out logically. The scope of that blog entry was how to approach the FINISH LINE. Sometimes I dream a lot or work too hard to achieve above mention line.

However this entry was able to turn me inside out and look at the finish line in a different prospect. Which I came to love. My recent visit to DR.s office was not that too bad but she told me to continue what I was doing which is eating sensibly and regular exercise. She also added to this I might not see a dramatic improvement in weight loss but will showy hard work in my blood work.

This statement and post was in very close in timeline for my benefit in other words within reach to my mind… so I decided to go a little deeper into healthy lifestyle… Basically a little encouragement and a good advice to look at achieving that hard to reach FINISH LINE.

What did I do to make the change instead of complaining no time to make food for myself, no one to take care of me, too much demands from kids and husband, and keeping up with regular meals there is no way I am going to do this...

I decided to take control of the situation or change by preparing a big salad bowl in advance so when I am hungry or working late meeting ends or writing that paper, needs of the demanding family instead of finding that healthy meal. I decided to eat small portions of what was cooked. Still it adds up in the long run I might not see it immediately but can assure that I will fit into that next pant size in a timely manner.

Now I am in total control of this situation with a very healthy alternative  which is MY BIG SALAD. The secret to success is always plan ahead... took a while to get there...

Quote of the day “ Join your company’s wellness program”



  1. Good morning... great advice in this entry! I am visiting from SITS, make it a great day!

  2. Ooo! YOUR salad looks great! Love those mushrooms!