Monday, May 3, 2010

Window Box of 2010…

It’s been a while I post on my blog. I finally was able to plant this year’s window box. I did not spend much since we got the dirt and the boxes last summer the cost was not that high this year. It was just adding plants and the fertilizer. Accent plants were high priced, didn’t like that… but I needed one for what I did.
We are getting some rain hopefully it will give the head start for the plants… I also saw many varieties of tomato plants with low maturity dates, high yield, strong stems for patio or containers, and low acidity… so many options but didn’t buy any yet… that is going to be a kids project for dad to do this year.
I can’t wait to go to the local garden show to see what’s out there the town is going to host one I need to mark my colander. This year I did petunia’s and bacopa sutera this is a dainty creeping plant whit with flowers all summer long and easy to maintain needs a lot of sun this will work great on this box.
Today’s forecast is very cloudy with afternoon rain… that’s exactly what I needed…

Quote of the day “respect the natural cycle of life”


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