Monday, May 10, 2010

Spring Scarf...

Burr… its cold and spring... it reads 38 degrees… Anyway I have to blog on what I have completed over the course of weeks. This was one on the venting projects I started. I am still working on my original project but I have managed to finish my side projects; it’s OK.

I bought this yarn while ago at a craft store to make jewelry this is a novelty yarn. So I have no experience in working with novelty yarns but gave it a try to make a scarf. It was a disaster but was very happy with the final product. In other words experience was not that bad, challenge was to keep the same number of stitches continuously since it was a novelty yarn it was challenging. Towards the end I got the hang of it. I also choose a big needle to keep the scarf AIRY and very SPRING this was my main goal. I wanted to make a scarf for myself but I didn’t want to look bulky also wanted to find way to use the left over yarn from the project.

It came out great I didn’t want many stitches because it’s going to wrinkle anyway so happy with the width of the scarf. The fact I finished it after the mother’s day was not that cool. I can still wear it on cold nights. Initially it looks like a fish net but the little squares of ribbon adds a whimsical touch to it.

I also had a wonderful Mother’s day my son and husband worked extra hard to make it extra special… at dinner my son said Mother’s day is like another birth day. You guys are so lucky you have two birthdays he was also referring to Father’s day but I just get to have only one birthday well on the other hand I like Pearl harbor day he is a WAR lover …

Quote of the day “reward yourself”


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