Thursday, May 6, 2010

Give with your heart…

Hello, I have been addicted to knitting and not only that I have begun some bad habits. Perhaps I should say I found project to vent frustrations out of other projects. Finally it’s all adds up… I am doing pretty good job so far because at the end I will have so many projects done. I am then going to stick to my old plan to do one project at a time. I guess I need a change of phase but who will not. With the season changes bring so many opportunities being outdoors and enjoy other interests.
I want to blog on this particular project because I put so many hours and my love and respect to it. I have not experienced the sisterhood with another sister but I want to make it very very special for this kid… and make it memorable for her hopefully. Because being a BIG SISTER could be a daunting task or a responsibility… So no matter how many books you read or how much role modeling you performed it could be scary for some kids… I can totally understand that. So I wanted this little girl to enjoy it as well as have fun because no matter what at the end brothers and sisters finally do stick around for most cases… I have come to in contact with an older community and I hear it very often that many people do regret waht they have said to their siblings when they are young or in an angry state of mind. Funny thing about siblings most cases they forgive or let go and always come to unity for taking care of a parents or a parent at the end; it’s amazing… how strong this bond could be… no matter how many years you are close or apart I have experiences with my own siblings as well with my own kids it’s amazing.

It could be a very simple or much intercut relationship but it’s a wonderful to have a sibling so I do care for single kids it’s hard to state what they are really missing.

I made a box of gifts for these two sisters with all my abilities and talents I really hope they will enjoy as much as I did assembling it together… This was one reason I couldn’t stick to knitting projects to finish on time because I had other projects. I was busy working; but it’s all for a GOOD CAUSE… make me feel so happy about myself at the end of the day…

Quote of the day “let go of your need to be overly involved”


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