Monday, March 28, 2016

Making Tea at work!

I am working this year and that’s mean making materials as well. That is the ugly and the fun part of my work! On the other hand I get to introduce whatever I want as long as it fits the pedagogy parameters. 

One of the staff members in our school has introduce tea making to this community. I fell in love with it and I wonder why? Well, some of you who knows me well; knows that I love tea so I guess it just worked for me. 

The flip side of this is I had to find everything, and then of course something is always missing and this teacher who was so nice and helpful offered one of her extra aprons for me. I know I owe her very much. I need to get my act together and sew some aprons soon. I will soon and I promise. Because she shared this awesome idea how to make them as well. I also feels like I am growing in this school. Learning, making, and presenting all happening at the same time. Makes me ten years younger!  We will just assume that for at least my sanity. 

I found this local thrift store thanks to my neighbor. It has been my life saver yes, literary it has been my life saver. I found all these at the thrift store and children has been in my room pouring, seeping, sipping, and repeating all these steps with joy!

I am seriously considering writing about this; how to make tea. I have become more of a herbal tea drinker. Which, I have come to love and enjoy. My next project will be how to make herbal tea at home. This was just one project I have assemble together at work. I am extremely happy with this one!  

The list consists of :
1 tea pot
2 small spoons one for serving sugar and the other for string 
1 small jar
1 small bowl
1 tray porcelen
2 place mats
2 napkin rings
2 cups
2 saucers
1 tray for carrying the tea pot if the child feels too warm
1 apron (others know the activity is not available for another)

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