Monday, March 9, 2015


The long silence have been for few reasons, I am busy studying for exams, and running around with my children. Nicolette moved up in her swimming a bit and decide to put a confidence into new use by taking Karate. I thought about this out loud and decided to go with her decision. She is more of a  ballet girl, but having to learn self defense I though should be priority number one. Se we are in Karate on Monday nights. Dropping the oldest with math support and driving the youngest to Karate has been my new Monday schedule. 

I have been a bit busy trying to have my little nook in stock. It has been a nightmare, but I am getting there. I might take few summer courses and I have to take a closer look at the course catalog. 

Additionally I have been taking care of myself by scheduling myself for surgery. Yes, it  was not fun but needed to address it. I feel much better but the recovery is very slow and I don't like being sick.  Few things that I am going to improve with my diet is to increase more fiber. Perhaps I might post more healthier recipes. 

I feel like I am tired most of the time and drained. Which is not like me at all. Perhaps loosing an hour of sleep is catching up to me. I usually don't go for coffee but I can use a cup of joe today!

Hopefully, I might be able to blog more in this space as I am getting better!

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