Wednesday, March 11, 2015

jamberry vs nail polish

I read a post about the jamberry nails while ago and wanted to give it a go but was busy. When one of my friends became a host and posted on Facebook I thought, wow, this is getting around. I am not a manicure girl occasionally I would enjoy this but certainly a pedicure girl. amount of work I do it is practically a joke to get a manicure done. I do enjoy getting a pedicure once in a while.One reason is that I don’t get to do much work and catch up all what’s happening in Hollywood at the nail salon.

Second, I have to admit I enjoy some me time. Not working on anything just sometime for myself. aI have come to love a place which was closer to a place where I use to work. It was a hike to get there and I kept making excuses to go there so I can run to apple store, health store, grocery, and shopping. This is somewhat taxing on my schedule and my budget. 

However, during winter I don't get to have many pedicures mainly because of gym and swimming. When I get one I really enjoy it! Another reason I don't like to get a manicure is I work a lot in my art studio at school. Working with clay makes my hands pretty disgusting at the end of the day. 

My friend was very convincing that jamberry is the only solution for busy mom’s pedicures. I told her I will take the challenge. After two attempts I finally got the goodies. I loved it because it was less time consuming comparing to getting nails painted. No time in drying process which is a pain. The price tag is very friendly. I can practically get two manicures for $15.00! No chemicals! I am loving this already!

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