Sunday, March 22, 2015

How to say goodbye to toys that take space?

Nicolette is going through a growth spurt, and running out of space with her belongings. During her six years we have accumulated a lot. I meant to say with toys.Some are impulse buys. I know part of it is my fault. Usually I try to have a control over this but not so much after scanning her room. 

She needs space to create
a place to play
a place to hang out with her friends
a place to write
a place to read
and finally a place to unwind
That is a quite a list. Her room can use a fresh coat of paint this spring. We are going to stick to the same color white but introduce few pieces with a punch of color! 
I am thinking of a table and a chair, a rug, lamp shade, and new curtains!

Now that sounds a lot. We need to start the overhaul by clearing her space with donating some of her favorite toys. It was not easy because simply there is so much memories we can just get part with. I decide to handle this by posing a picture with your toys for donating! I know this sounds very tacky but I had to be creative in order to make space. She was in for the idea of donating after reading few about children who could not have toys! 

We had our first load drop off this weekend feels a bit lighter. More to come on how to organize? To be functional!

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