Thursday, March 12, 2015

Getting more greens in

Getting into the habit of eating more greens is always challenging for starch eating fanatics like us. That being said we are more conscious about eating all our greens before offering it to chickens. Salads take the back burner in our menu mainly I was the only one who was consuming it. However that has changed two kids have joined the wagon and I am thrilled to see every one at least eating a little bit of green before their real meal. 

This green salad is my own spin to store brought mixed greens. I buy them in bulk and it stays in the refrigerator for couple of days. In order for us to have salad every single day it need a bit of prep time. I like to do this late in the night or first thing in the morning so it is always ready before meals. 

My grocery list includes

1 box of arugula
1 head of romaine lettuce
1 English cucumber
1 bag of carrots 
1 bag of turnips
1 heart of celery 
1 bunch of kale
1 bunch parsley/ cilantro 
1 bunch spring onions
1-2 cans beans of your taste chickpeas / black beans

I use a handful of each green including the cucumber can be stretched for couple of days. This is a great way to add salad before a meal. Finally a little bit of beans add that extra protein. 

This works for us right now than the store kind. 

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